35th Annual Design Interaction Symposium

Design Interaction is scheduled for Friday, October 11, 2013 with two morning sessions beginning at 9:00 A.M. Central time in Wallace Hall. (Poster designed by Professor Samantha Lawrie)


William Lee
Managing Director / The Design Factor

Kat McCluskey
Art Director / Razorfish

Past Speakers

Lisa Motto
Global Design Director / Coca-Cola

John Edson
President / LUNAR

Russ Ramage
Creative Director / Interface Americas

David Kusuma

Vice President of Product Development and R&D / Tupperware

Lee Clark, 1998
Interactive Art Director / Disney®

Gretchen Coss
Director of Business Development, Gallagher & Associates, Washington, DC

Jordan Craddock, 2007
Designer, Gallagher & Associates, Washington, DC

Terry Slaughter, 1975 President and Senior Creative Officer, Slaughter Group, Birmingham

Elise Woodward Thomason, 2000
Senior Designer, Iconologic, Atlanta

Carrie Wallace Brown, 1998
Associate, SKY Design, Atlanta

Lisa Motto

Kat McCluskey | Art Director
Razorfish | Atlanta, Georgia

Kat McCluskey is an Art Director with the Emerging Experiences Group based out of the Razorfish Atlanta office. Emerging Experiences is a team within Razorfish built of about 20 individuals that create cross-platform and omni-channel approaches to a wide variety of projects and clients. Kat's current role allows her to innovate for mobile, touch and highly interactive user initiated applications for a large range of clients including Delta Air Lines and Microsoft. Continuously learning and experimenting, Kat gets to utilize the latest technology available to create experiences with her team.

In 2012, Kat worked on a cross discipline team at Razorfish called Group X. This team was comprised of 10 strong performers from the Atlanta, Austin and Chicago offices. As part of the team, Kat travelled extensively to work with existing client teams to vet and develop new working and ideation processes for the company that focused on utilizing play to spur creativity.

Before Razorfish, Kat designed at IQ Agency working for clients such as UPS, the American Cancer Society and Showtime.

Atlanta has been her professional home since graduating from Auburn with a BFA in Graphic Design in the spring of 2007. Kat was born in Giessen, Germany and spent the first 8 years of her life in Germany and the Netherlands. In her spare time she enjoys expanding her culinary skills, reading fiction, watching movies, playing video games and traveling.

John Edson

William Lee | Managing Director
The Design Factor | Belfast, Ireland

Born in Yorkshire, England, following his grammar school education William studied engineering technology, moving towards Industrial Design at the age of 20.

During his college degree, he worked under Don Genaro at Henry Dreyfuss Associates in New York, before gaining a BA Hon’s in Design for Industry from Newcastle Upon Tyne in July 1979.

After leaving college, William worked under Sir Kenneth Grange, at Pentagram in London, before setting up his own company in 1984 based in Chiswick, West London - moving the practice to Belfast in 1991. The Design Factor as the only fully integrated multi-disciplinary design company in Ireland.

The companies client list is broad and diverse reflecting the core philosophy that design is a tangible representation of each client’s needs and goals, what ever their experience and abilities.

Heading a team of 5 designers, each well skilled in their own facet of 2D and 3D design and its use within a strategic brand application, William enjoys combining the creativity talents of all members of the team, and the existing product knowledge the client provides, to result in exciting and viable commercially focussed designs.

He is also involved in promoting the commercial value and intellectual challenge of design, as well as mentoring and teaching across both the industrial and academic sectors. A member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland, William’s company has been directly involved in working for both large companies and SMEs, completing over 650 projects for 250 clients in the last 23 years.

William believes strongly that each individual design discipline does has real value and worth, but that it is only when they are combined and integrated into an overall design whole - where each discipline is reflective and respectful of each other - that design becomes a complete and holistic offering.